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Develop Your Cricket Software Before IPL 2024

Sports Betting
Feb 06, 2024
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We all know IPL 2024 auction will start in upcoming month. It is a good time to develop cricket software before IPL 2024 . Sports betting has been popular in the gaming world for many decades because of the game’s unpredictability about the results. People are mostly placing bets on Cricket, this is the reason why various leading online IPL cricket software companies are offering rich-functionality and efficient cricket software. 

By any chance, if you are also thinking of getting into this business, then this article is going to be super helpful for you as here we are going to talk about why you need to develop a cricket betting software to enter into the fantasy sports industry, its features, and what are the benefits?

So, are you ready to dive into the deep ocean of the details about the cricket software? Take a look below-

Let’s Talk About Online Cricket Betting Software-

Bettors can bet online through online cricket betting software depending on the result of the match. Users have suitable mobile apps or web portals for using this  fantasy sports software. Players place bets and earn a lot of money by playing Cricket leagues comprising World T20, IPL (Indian Premier League), Big bash league, etc. 

Why Do You Need to Develop an IPL Betting Software?

Why Do You Need to Develop an IPL Betting Software?

We can’t compare the predominance of Cricket with any other game because it has a great influence on sports fans worldwide and is known as the most loved game to date. It is not about that Cricket only gets limelight when IPL is around, it is also the most played game by the people. 

As per a report, 77% of the users loved playing Cricket, and this is more than the users engaged in other games. This user base consists of every sort of user like working professionals, youngsters, middle-aged persons, independent people, etc. 



In the last year, the fantasy sports platform has evolved enormously due to fantasy cricket apps like Dream11. Fantasy sports users won around 14 thousand crores also at that time and IPL cricket betting firms earned 2.5 thousand crores. The government authorities also got a profit of 776 crores from Tax, GST, and TDS.

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The fantasy sports industry has evolved 9 times in the past three years and it has employed almost 8.5 thousand job seekers. Fantasy cricket software like Dream11 and other clone apps also got the advantage, Dream11 being the sponsor of the IPL- the biggest cricket league will acquire additional growth in sports culture worldwide.

The Cricket betting software holds various benefits, this is the reason why many entrepreneurs want to launch an IPL betting app. Following are more benefits you can get as an owner of cricket software-

Easy to Get Large Customer Base

When users get an application easy to install and use, they prefer it first and spend most of the time on it. So, it is beneficial for owners to target huge audiences. If your platform is safe and smooth, then it will provide you high user-engagement. 


In the custom IPL cricket betting software, you can allow your users to access it anywhere anytime so that players can bet often. If any person is not in town or gets free at night, he can easily bet whenever he wants. When your users will get multiple varieties of games, they will get back again and again to your app.

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If your IPL cricket betting software supports all types of bets and has salient features for users, you will make high revenue. You can also provide them with fixed odd betting to offer users a great experience. As the IPL season is near, there are high chances your software will get a boost during it.

Majestic Features of IPL Betting Software

As an entrepreneur, you must know about the features that will make your cricket league software unique from other apps. These IPL betting app features should be very impressive to attract more users to your app-

Live Scores Data 

Users will be offered live scores via alerts and push notifications and emails or SMS.

Assembled Bets 

Integrating the best-assembled betting types in the cricket betting software to help the customers to win rewards and great profits.

Match Schedule Updates

Your IPL betting app solution should provide real-time updates to customers about the upcoming leagues and matches & also the latest news so that players would be prepared. 

Multiple Currency Support 

You have to provide varied digital cryptocurrency support and multiple payment gateways to users for secure transactions and establishing your firm globally in the sports betting market.  

API-based Live Support

This feature permits the players to make widgets and embed APIs as per the preferences and requirements. 

Pre-live & Live Odds

Customers will be offered exact data about live odds and pre-live. 

Some other features are-

  • Multilingual support 
  • Admin dashboard
  • Amazing user-interface
  • Risk management 
  • Single-click betting 
  • Instant settlement 

Top IPL Betting Software Provider

We all know the sports betting industry is a growing and billion-dollar sector with the support of efficient cricket betting app development, online sports betting apps, cricket betting web portals, soccer betting app development, baseball betting app development, Football betting app development, etc. These various solutions are crafted dedicatedly by leading sports betting software development firms. 

Unlike the old times, now you can easily find many suitable mobile app development companies that can provide you with custom-made, ready-made, and white-label solutions to enter into the sports betting industry.  

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Among all these firms, it is hard to find a suitable one, so here we are suggesting you take services from BR Softech that is a prominent and well-known name in the development field for years.

Their dedicated and skilled professionals will always be ready to assist you with power-packed app solutions with the latest features, smooth operations, and responsive designs. Hire fantasy cricket software developers and designers from them to have premium-quality app services!

Process of IPL Cricket App Development 

Have a look at the process of building an IPL cricket application step-by-step:

Research & Conceptualization 

You have to collect proper information about the required things to add to your sports betting app like target audiences, their needs, choices, etc. Create an app as per the future goals and then, schedule a project.

App Prototype

Design the wireframe for your IPL cricket betting app and execute the design. You can look for various options for it. Also, consider the UX/UI evaluation for better app responsiveness and interaction with users.

App Development 

This step will include front-end and back-end development. An app also consists of API integration and cloud integration for faster messaging and secure payment services. 

Testing Phase

After the app development, your hired mobile app development company will provide the app’s unit code testing to check if there is an error in the app. If there are some errors, they will be fixed and then, it will be tested again and the process continues until the app is error-free. 

App Deployment 

The next step after testing is app deployment on different app stores so that it can reach Android & iOS users. You can use market tactics and promotion strategies to promote it in the market.  

Technology Stack Required to Create An App Similar to Dream11

  • iOS app development: Swift
  • Android app development: Kotlin
  • Back-end development: Node.js
  • Cloud integration: Azure or AWS
  • Real-time analytics: Azure stream analytics 
  • Database: Cassandra or SQL or MongoDB
  • Notifications: Apple push notification service & Google cloud messaging 

Cost of IPL Cricket Betting Software

While taking help from a leading sports betting app development company to create an IPL cricket betting platform, you have to decide your budget first. The overall budget of an app depends on various aspects, they are-

  • App size 
  • App platform 
  • Ap developer’s location 
  • App development time

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Based on these factors, we have estimated that a white-label IPL cricket betting app development will cost you around $10,000 to $20,000. If you wish to add some advanced features to it, then the cost may differ. To find the exact cost, you can also consider the price per hour of different level companies, check out below-

  • Small firms- $10 to $30 per hour
  • Intermediate firms- $40 to $80 per hour
  • Enterprise-level firms- $100 to $200 per hour 

How to Choose a Cricket Betting App Development Company?

While hiring a company for creating your white-label IPL cricket betting app development, keep in mind these below-mentioned aspects that are significant for the proficiency in app development-


You must hire an experienced firm who has highly knowledgeable and skilled developers to cooperate with you and provide you the best services at a fine price. Always compare the prices of two or three leading companies with their offered features and then decide the best out of them!

Ownership Rights

While having a white-label IPL cricket betting app development, you have to pay attention that as an owner, the solution is your proprietary product. Your hired company will create, and then, they handover the ownership rights to you, so keep this in mind.

Cross-platform Compatibility 

Make sure your developed app is compatible with iOS and Android and if it is not, hire fantasy cricket app developers who can provide you with hybrid or native apps.

Futuristic Build

See if your hired company is adding the complete technological backup in your app for the future perspective.

Bottom Lines

You will find various IPL cricket betting software development companies, but as an entrepreneur, it is your call to see what is the best for you? Analyze and identify each aspect related to mobile app development and then, go for the one. You must have a unique app with ultra-modern features to provide a revolutionizing experience to your app users. Develop a great IPL betting app and empower your venture in a great way!

Nitin Garg

I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning mobile game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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