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Games Like Bubble Shooter: Aim Like You Never Did Before

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Nov 27, 2023
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games like bubble shooter

Have you ever played games like bubble shooter? If yes, you might know how effortless and fun it is to play such games wherein all you need to do is aim and pop! 

You might have played bubble shooter games while taking a break from nerve-wracking work or while standing in a queue for shopping, because who doesn’t like enjoying fun and easy gameplay that boost mind and soul? From shooting similar-hue bubbles to popping more bubbles in a single shot and everything in between; what could you possibly ask for more when you have bubble shooter like games

It’s nothing more than aim, pop and score! 

If you are fascinated by this loop of aim-pop score, get ready to know more about alternatives to bubble shooters that can make you a pro-aimer! 

The Best Games Like Bubble Shooter 

The Best Games Like Bubble Shooter

If you are interested in vivid free online games like bubble shooter, you are on the right page! Read till the end to know how you can become a pro gamer while shooting at bubbles. 

1. Bubble Shooter Legend 

As the name suggests, Bubble Shooter Legend is one of the most interesting and immersive games of pop bubbles on the app store and google play store. You can play this game from anywhere in this world and even when you don’t have stable internet connectivity. Sounds amazing, right? You need to shoot look-alike or same-coloured bubbles and burst as many as a group of bubbles that come on your screen. Meanwhile, you have to rescue baby dragons that are trapped within them by bursting bubbles. 

There are thousands of levels to clear but don’t get upset if you don’t clarify any of the levels. Keep motivating yourself for the immersive and challenging gameplay! 

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bubble shooter Gif

2. Bubble Wings: Bubble Shooter 

Bubble Wings is a perfect amalgamation of comfort and engagement when it comes to bubble shooter like games. The theme of the game is designed in such a manner that it soothes both eyes and soul of the player. 

Just aim and match three bubbles to pop, voila! Get exciting rewards each time you finish popping out all the vibrant bubbles that come on your screen. This app also features a lot of daily challenges which also motivate players to perform well and become decent shooters! 

3. Bubble Shooter Splash 

Bubble Shooter Splash is an engaging and immersive bubble shooter puzzle game that comes with unique animation and exciting gameplay. The main objective of the game is to save all the baby dragons that are trapped within the bubbles that are arranged in a puzzle that you need to solve via your skills. 

There are different levels that are packed with intuitive twists, which you need to get through with your own tactics and tricks. All you need to do is pop and splash to take your gaming skills to the next level! 

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4. Bubble Shooter Genies 

What are you looking for in a perfect bubble shooter game? We bet it would be quick and fun gameplay, isn’t it? That’s what you get in bubble shooter Genies! Launched by Puzzlejoy, the app features 1000+ puzzles that are designed to challenge your thinking and aiming abilities. 

It is a perfect game to play when you are away from your work for a short span! Built with an immersive and engaging design, the vivid bubbles, fire, and lighting effects make this game more appealing. So what are you waiting for? Gear up for some pops and bursts! 

5. Farm Bubbles 

If you don’t know or know a little about games like bubble shooter, this is the best game to begin your aiming skills! Designed with a dedicated and relaxed farm atmosphere and cute farm animals, the game is played conveniently and easily on any smart device of your choice. 

The main objective of the game is to pop as many as bubbles you can and save those animals. 

In a nutshell, you have to become a rescuer and complete the in-game challenge. However, you need to apply strategic moves and power-ups to ace the gameplay experience. 

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6. Puzzle Bobble 

Puzzle Bobble is a tile-matching puzzle game, which works exactly games like bubble shooter. Each round of gameplay begins with colourful bubbles placed on the rectangular playing field. The player aims and launches bubbles up the screen in order to burst matching bubbles with the pointer. 

As you aim, the combination of three or more bubbles will be erased from the screen and the points will be added to the total of a player. Just aim to burst all the bubbles before they fall below the bottom line because if they touch the button rock then the game will be over and you will lose.

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7. Bubble Shooter Rainbow 

Launched by Blackout Lab, Bubble Shooter Rainbow is an addictive, and easy-to-play bubble shooter-like game that can destress and relax your mind in just one go. With mere knowledge, you can earn more and more scores which in turn get you more stars in this game. 

The audience loves this game for its immersive features, easy-to-understand rules and navigable interface. Get yourself this amazing bubble shooter like game to rejuvenate and relax! 

8. Magnetic Balls Bubble Shoot

It is one of the most popular games like bubble shooter, which lets players take part in 700+ puzzles. This is the most classic and addictive magnetic bubble shoot, and bubble match-three game in the store, wherein you fireballs into the group, and anything that hit them will magnetically stick to them. 

Moreover, you can also knock the balls out of their locations to clear off the screen. There are more than 380 levels and 100+ collectable items, unlimited game options and a colour-blind mode to make the game more accessible. 

9. Spookiz Pop 

Spookiz Pop is one of the most immersive and engaging bubble shooter like games, which you can play anywhere and at any point without even the supply of network connection. It features beautiful graphics and elements that are unique and distinguished from other bubble shooter games. 

It features 1500+ levels, social media integration, multi-lingual support, and a lot more to make the player’s gameplay experience hassle-free and engaging. 

10. Bubble Shooter: Fun Pop Game 

Amongst all bubble shooter like games, it features a cute dragon assistant which enables players to shoot and pop bubbles. There are more than 4000 puzzle levels that are designed with features like excellent animations, lightning bursts over clouds, explosives, obstacles, and other operations like dragon rescue, etc. 

You must pop all the bubbles in such a way that you rescue all the baby dragons while completing all the targets and challenges. Once you start playing this game, you will get to know complete know-how and will surely ace the gameplay after a few rounds. 

Why Choose BR Softech To Develop Bubble Shooter Like Games? 

Why Choose BR Softech to develop game?

Are you amazed by the above-mentioned games like bubble shooter? If yes, do want to develop your own bubble shooter like games? Don’t fret, because we have got you covered! As the best board game development company, we aim to develop feature-packed and visually-realistic bubble-themed games that are immersive and engaging. Choose us to get: 

  • Expert team of developers 
  • Trained professionals 
  • Customized gaming solutions 
  • End-to-end development process 
  • High-quality testing & QA 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. From Where You Can Download Bubble Shooter Games? 

Games like bubble shooter can be downloaded from the google play store and apple app store since there is a wide range of options available out there on the internet. 

Q. Can Children Play Bubble Shooter Games?

Yes, children can play bubble shooter games to get an immersive and interactive gameplay experience. 

Q. What Are The Best Alternatives To Bubble Shooter Games? 

The best alternatives to bubble shooter games are: 
Puzzle bobble 
Bubble shooter rainbow 
Bubble shooter genies 
Bubble shooter splash 
Bubble wings

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