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Looking to build your taxi booking app for Android or iOS? BR Softech is the one-stop solution for all your taxi booking app development requirements. Whether it's a Yandex clone script, an Uber clone script, or an Ola clone script development, our team delivers analytics-driven solutions that can unleash the full potential of your ride-hailing business.

To be at the top of the chart in online taxi booking app development services we combine innovation and skills together to bring a hassle-free riding experience to your customers. BR Softech affirms that our success lies in the success of our clients. Hence we put our best efforts into leading your online cab booking business to success.

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White Label Taxi App Development Solutions

Offering a comprehensive range of white label taxi app development solutions, we help businesses gain a competitive edge and increase their revenue. Taking current market trends and client's business requirements into consideration, we deliver solutions that satisfy the needs of all stakeholders involved in the business.

Outstation Car Rental App Development

Outstation Car Rental App Development

Improve your business movements by leveraging our highly scalable outstation vehicle rental app development services for our clients. We make clients' travel ventures increasingly energised by offering easy-to-understand and great taxi booking applications.

On-demand Car Rentals App Development

On-demand Car Rentals App Development

We offer on-demand car rentals app development solutions for startups and entrepreneurs to enable them to launch their taxi booking app like Uber.

Corporate Taxi Rental App Development

Corporate Taxi Rental App Development

Would you be willing to operate as a taxi booking service for large corporations? Then BR Softech can provide great help to you. We can help you develop a fully automated corporate taxi booking app that offers your corporate customers a hassle-free riding experience.

Limousine Taxi App Development

Limousine Taxi App Development

Limos can never go out of style. In fact, they set the style. Therefore, if you run a limousine service business, you will never be out of business. If you want to rule the market by expanding your limousine business, we can develop a classy ride-booking app for your business.

Features of Our Taxi App Development Panels

BR Softech offers smarter taxi apps like Uber and Ola for modern travellers with advanced features to maximise interaction. The admin controls all over the panel and monitors passengers and cab drivers for secure and reliable taxi services. While the passenger panel is meant to facilitate individuals to take benefit of online taxi booking app services. A driver's dashboard can be used to accept or deny the passenger's ride request or guide them to the passenger's location.


  • Book now

    Passengers can take the taxi service to travel from one destination to another in a matter of seconds and they can find nearby taxi drivers similar to Uber and OLA.

  • Book Later

    Customers can book a ride for a later schedule to travel from one place to another for any purpose, and the taxi driver will arrive at the location at a specific time.

  • Upcoming Trips

    The taxi app solution is enabled to send alerts in the form of a notification to the user to remind them of their scheduled trips.

  • Destination

    On the taxi booking app, the passenger only has to enter the destination on the map, and it's the driver's responsibility to take him to the location. Without any hassle.

  • Book For Third Party

    A person can book the ride for others as well as for their friend or relative. With this, he can put the reference, and the driver can directly contact the particular person.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    Multiple payment gateways to make it comfortable for the passenger to make payment.


  • Accept Ride

    Our on-demand taxi app solution gives an opportunity to the driver to choose the ride whether they want to take or pass it to other drivers. As per their situation they can make the decision.

  • Pickup Location

    Drivers don't have to face obstacles to find the location as we have integrated the map functionality in our application; they can reach the destination of the passenger easily.

  • Start Trip

    The driver can start the trip only by clicking on the start button which shows in the panel.

  • End Trip

    Whenever the driver receives the drop-off location of the passenger, the driver can end the trip by clicking on the end button and the total estimation of the fare will appear on the screen.

  • Drop Off Location

    A driver can know the drop location of the passenger without even asking him, and he can drop the passenger at the location by following the directions on the map.


  • Interactive Dashboard

    All the information is on a single dashboard, and the admin manages how to fulfil all the requirements.

  • User Management

    Admin manages all the activities of the user. It manages all the actions of the user and fulfils all the user requirements.

  • Vehicle Management

    It manages the vehicle requirement as per the availability and need of the user as well as sets the priorities of the vehicles.

  • Information

    The admin panel has all the information of registered customers and drivers including name, address, and all the essential details.

  • Set Amount

    Admin can decide the amount for the passenger and how much a ride should be cost to avoid conflicts between driver and user.

Some Value Added Feature of our Taxi Booking App Development

Our taxi app solution comes with an in-depth analysis with customised and advanced features as per the taxi business model

  • Customizable & Whitelabel

    We offer a taxi app solution that is ready to use with minor changes as per your business requirements. Along with this, we offer open source rideshare software

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    Our online taxi booking app developer brings the software via integration of API through which users can pay the fares online with Paypal, Paytm, MobiKwik, etc.

  • Scalable and Robust

    With our experienced team, we offer robust and scalable software as there are hundreds of drivers in the city and these features are the need of the app.

  • Fastest Software

    BR Softech offers the fastest software to our clients for the best and instant service. We work on the ready-to-use factor with minimal modifications and zero codings.

  • Easy Administration

    Our proficient taxi app developers bring the administration in such a way that it is easy to manage the admin panel, vehicles, location and payment history, etc.

  • Server and Hosting

    We provide you with hosting services on both dedicated and cloud servers. But for the best outcome, we recommend you for the cloud server.

Benefits of Online Taxi Booking Application

Let's see what benefits we are offering to our clients through

  • Responsive application
  • Automatic fare calculation
  • Manage package plans
  • Secure app
  • Enabled to track the service
  • Records in digital format
  • Easy to use
Benefits of Online Taxi Booking Application

Working Process of white label Taxi Booking App

1. Sign up the account
2. Passenger request to ride by entering the details
3. Choose pick and drop-off location
4. Find the total trip fare
5. Confirm the trip detail
6. Accept the ride
7. System found the nearby driver
8. Driver receives alert about the ride
9. Get driver details & Notification
10. Driver starts the ride
11. Pay via cash or internet portal
12. Driver and passenger to rate each others

Get the Best Taxi App Clone Script Development Services

Boost your online cab booking business with our taxi-app clone script development services.

Yandex Taxi Clone

Get the best Yandex clone script startup idea that matches the market approach.

Uber Clone

We provide you with the best Uber clone app that enhances the wide experience.

Lyft Clone

Get the best Lyft clone that helps you with wide services with the aim of leaving no stone unturned.

Ola Clone

Cater to all requests with an advanced Ola taxi clone.

99 taxi Clone

Get customised 99 taxi clone with our own taxi mobile app.

Easy Taxi Clone

Get your very own Easy taxi booking app featuring all the features of the Easy application.

Grab Taxi Clone

Launch your Grab taxi clone with 100% customisable features.

MyTaxi Clone

Get my taxi clone at the right place at an affordable price.

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Buying Process of our Taxi Clone Script like Uber

You can get the best and visionary taxi clone script for Android and iOS, as we make sure to meet up all your expectations perfectly. Our developers will provide you with services for majorly all platforms.

Expand your business and experience the expertise of our skilled developers who come with the best outcome using the best taxi booking app clone script.

  • Firstly, our team member and client discussed the whole requirement of the project.
  • After discussed, our team design or draw estimate project needs.
  • Discussion of the time duration and cost of the project.
  • After all discussion, our experienced and dedicated team starts working on the project and clients get their project process updated.

Assurance & predictability are the hallmarks of the services provided by the company. We fixed the timeline and fixed the cost of the project at the start. This is the best and simple method which clients feel comfortable dealing with as it gives them a budget and timeline which is fixed.

Buying Process of our Taxi Clone Script like Uber

Our Readymade Taxi App Development Solutions for

We are offering exceptional readymade taxi app development solutions for all platforms including.

Taxi App for Android

Get a user-friendly Android taxi app from our highly experienced team of developers that can help you be on the top of the competitive industry.

Taxi App for iOS

Get the best ready-made taxi booking app development solutions for iOS that offer flexibility while managing your application.

Taxi Web Development

Hire professional online taxi booking website developers from BR Softech to ensure the deployment of highly robust and scalable taxi web development.

Taxi Mobile App Development: What do you get?

Furnished with a group of ventures generally skilled and energetic designers, we give front line taxi application improvement administrations. Our spell in creating applications with the absolute most captivating highlights has helped us set up as a leading taxi app development company all around the world.

What you can get in Taxi App From BR Softech

We take each taxi application development project very seriously and try to prove the smooth accomplishment with up-to-date services that suit your business needs.

  • Logistics and Truck App Development

    Logistics and Truck App Development

    Logistics and Truck App Development

    Logistics and Truck App Development

    Get a best logistic and truck app development services that can help you to attract the attention unsurprisingly with our very own custom logistic and truck app development

  • Cab Rental App Development

    Cab Rental App Development

    Cab Rental App Development

    Cab Rental App Development

    Our car rental app development comes a great way to provide great services with great functionality. Accelerate your business with car rental app development and drive your business to a great extent.

  • Car sharing App Development

    Car sharing App Development

    Car sharing App Development

    Car sharing App Development

    With our car sharing app development you can easily connect with our drivers, passenger in real-time that can easily enhance commuters' journeys.

  • Bike Taxi booking App development

    Bike Taxi booking App development

    Bike Taxi booking App development

    Bike Taxi booking App development

    Bike Taxi sharing app can be a great innovation from bike taxi booking app development. We are the best bike taxi booking app development that can easily make users ' experiences worthwhile.

  • Bus Booking App Development

    Bus Booking App Development

    Bus Booking App Development

    Bus Booking App Development

    The bus ticket booking app development allows users to reserve the ticket by using the internet to pick their seats. You can also test the availability of the bus as per your suitability through these apps.

  • Ride-Sharing App Development

    Ride-Sharing App Development

    Ride-Sharing App Development

    Ride-Sharing App Development

    As a top-on-demand app development company, we bring our years of experience in developing P2P ride-sharing apps that provide great service in connecting riders to drivers.

  • Car Pooling

    Car Pooling

    Car Pooling

    Car Pooling

    Carpooling is the trending innovation of the digital world. 2 commuters can share the cab easily with the help of carpooling or ride-sharing apps. We can provide you with the best services keeping all security in mind.

  • On-demand Auto rickshaw

    On-demand Auto rickshaw

    On-demand Auto rickshaw

    On-demand Auto rickshaw

    Auto rickshaw is the most popular mode to travel in India as it can give us the biggest nuisance. Now get the best on-demand auto-rickshaw app development with this lucrative business.

  • On-demand Chauffeur

    On-demand Chauffeur

    On-demand Chauffeur

    On-demand Chauffeur

    Our On-demand chauffeur app development helps you to launch your website in a certain way that is easy to use and help commuters to navigate easily.

  • Vehicle Towing Service

    Vehicle Towing Service

    Vehicle Towing Service

    Vehicle Towing Service

    Vehicle towing services are the best pull or hauling services that are specially designed to tow trucks. Depending upon the requirements we provide them assistance keeping every requirement in mind.

  • Ship and Cruises

    Ship and Cruises

    Ship and Cruises

    Ship and Cruises

    We are providing the best ship and cruise app that allows us to track and provide information about the cruise. Get an amazing readymade app that can give you access to book the ride and plan accordingly.

  • On-demand Fuel

    On-demand Fuel

    On-demand Fuel

    On-demand Fuel

    On-demand fuel apps are quite popular in foreign currency and somewhere it is services that are already hit in India. We are providing you with the latest services that make the life of commuters much easier.

  • Employee Transportation App

    Employee Transportation App

    Employee Transportation App

    Employee Transportation App

    Our corporate transport software comprises all the leading features and easy-to-use interface ensuring a dependable and safe travel experience for employees.

  • On-demand Limos

    On-demand Limos

    On-demand Limos

    On-demand Limos

    On-demand limo software that makes the chauffeur-driven service business effortlessly. When it comes to attracting new customers and exploiting digital services we are providing you with the luxury car booking and tracking software.

  • Travel Website Development

    Travel Website Development

    Travel Website Development

    Travel Website Development

    We ensure quality deliverables and speedy turnaround to develop and deliver scalable travel portals and booking engines with endeavor high-quality services.

  • Air Taxi booking app

    Air Taxi booking app

    Air Taxi booking app

    Air Taxi booking app

    Air Taxi booking app platform handles more trips and bookings. We help you to generate the automated invoices with easy click options with our Air taxi booking app.

  • Water taxi app development

    Water taxi app development

    Water taxi app development

    Water taxi app development

    On-demand water taxi services are grabbing the attention of millions with a wide range of services. Experience the best services of the on-demand water taxi that make it an ideal experience for travellers.

Why Should You Go for IoT App Development?

How Taxi Business Create Opportunity?

With the rapid growth of the taxi business, it develops an interest in an individual that becomes extremely significant and beneficial for many reasons.

  • Increase Visibility
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Monitor Driver Efficiency Generate Greater Revenue
  • Instant Feedback
  • Creates Brand Value
  • White Label Taxi App Solution For All

BR Softech offers profitable taxi business solutions


We offer on-demand taxi app solutions for global startups with extensive features to grow your business faster.

Global Taxi Business

BR Softech experienced team helps you to take your taxi business to the next level by implementing the advanced features.


Our customized cab management system open source software fulfils the requirements of the government and corporate transportation needs.

Waey Taxi

Waey Taxi

WAEY Taxi is a South Africa-based on-demand taxi booking application. It provides customers with the functionality to book a ride instantly using their iOS or Android-based operating system. The app is complete with features such as pick up, drop off, rental, outstation, and many more.

  • Project Industry: Transportation
  • Country: South African Country
  • Android App Tech: Native Development (JAVA)
  • iOS App Tech: Objective C
  • Backend: PHP with MySQL Database
  • No: Of Professionals: 7
  • Delivery Time: 120 Days
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Why to Choose BR Softech?

Our best in class taxi booking app developer can help our clients build a successful website like an Uber clone that enhances online sales & fulfills their customer expectations. We encourage leading businesses and startups by providing an overall business solution. We help you maximize the efficiency of your product and create beneficial business strategies. Our insight-driven solutions will help you achieve your desired result.

From time to time, we collaborate with clients to help them achieve their desired outcome. Our flexible solutions are suitable for your specific needs and maximize the returns. We strive to give increased revenue to scalable solutions. On top of it with us, you can experience and expertise solutions.

BR Softech is a leading online taxi booking app development company in India. Our Developer has in-depth knowledge of white label taxi booking app development. Our taxi app developers have built native iOS & Android taxi/cab booking apps with all the key features and an intuitive UI to make seamless cab bookings with your branded app. Therefore, hire our taxi booking app developer for Android and iOS mobile phones and make yourself a business tycoon in the online taxi booking app similar to Ola, Uber cab booking application.

Easy Registration

Payment Feature

On Time Project Delivery

24*7 Support


How much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app like Ola?

We offer you a taxi booking app similar as Uber and Ola with advanced features, our taxi app development price differ with the features integrate in your app.

Why should you opt for Readymade taxi app clone?

If you want to build your own cab booking app similar to Ola, Uber. BR Taxi is one of the easiest solution for you. By our taxi clone you will be able to run an app like Uber and Ola in few days. You don’t have to spend time to build the taxi app from scratch, it will save your time to develop Online Cab Booking Application alternative of Ola and Uber cab.

Will you provide the app with source code / clone script?

Yes, we provide your the source code once the application is ready as we want to provide you all the rights to the taxi booking app which we have developed for you.

Will you deliver the taxi app similar to the demo app?

Yes, we offer you the high quality taxi booking app like Uber similar to the demo app.

Does your company provide hosting for website and app?

No, we doesn’t provide Hosting.

Can we edit Readymade Taxi Booking App clone script?

Yes, our Readymade Taxi Booking App Clone Script is alterable. Here, we want to convey you that we offer PHP development Clone script for web and taxi booking app source code for Android and iOS platform. But to alter uber clone script you need an expert programmer or you should have some technical knowledge to handle it.

Will you provide customized taxi booking app solution?

Yes, we offer your the customised taxi booking app similar to the demo app while changing the colour scheme and theme as per our client’s desire as well as we can add some advanced features to the basic module as per your requirement but it will add an additional cost.

What are the unique features of uber like app developed by BR Softech?

To deliver the Ola Uber like app with unique features, we offer smart analytics system, In-app Payments, advanced dispatch and tracking panel etc. You can view our features in the demo app and these your will not get in other taxi app solutions.

Technologies used to developed taxi booking apps like Ola, Uber, Lyft and Grab?

We believe to work on the advanced and relevant technologies as per the different platform. We use to build the website in the PHP programming language and for android platform we use the technologies Android Sketch Paper, Android SDK Emulator, MobiOne and for iOS we use Appcelerator, RhoMobile and Xamarin as well we deliver native app.




"BR Softech is a highly skilled team with an eye for details. We got exactly the impressive taxi app that we wanted. The project management and communication works really well. We are looking forward to the next collaboration!"

Mili jackson

Mili jackson

"Impressive work! I am just impressed by their service, quality work and working strategy. They have great expertise, are dedicated, attentive, talented and always tried to meet our needs. Great Work!!"

Ricky stokes

Ricky stokes

"Br softech believes in both quality and quantity content as our aim is to provide our customer a fully customised taxi app that helps me to accelerate my business. Keep going BR!!"

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