React Native is creating a buzz. In the world full of apps it is necessary to have an app for every company to stay ahead in the competition. So the companies are looking for the option to make apps for platforms like Android and iOS with fewer resources and faster speed. React native app development companies are providing a wide range of services with a motive to enhance business growth.

Popular apps made with React Native are Instagram, Facebook, Fb Ads manager, Bloomberg, Pinterest,, Tesla, Skype, and many more.

React Native App Development

But if you are new in this app development field and just starting the development, then you should hire a react native app development company that can provide you with the React Native application as per the requirements and needs of the current- world mobile app development segment.

For this purpose, BR Softech will be a reliable and perfect choice ass this is the top app development company of India that has expert developers to design and develop native smartphone applications along with amazing user experience. We prefer the requirements of the clients and work according to those guidelines. Client’s satisfaction is our topmost priority and we provide a wonderful user interface to make the application more interactive from a user’s perspective.

BR Softech that is working as a leading react native development company, consider many things while developing an app for multiple platforms that’s why people prefer them when it comes to app development.

What exactly React Native Is ?

React Native is a kind of powerful JavaScript framework for scheming and developing native smartphone applications genuinely for various platforms like Android or iOS. This React Native technology is based upon the JavaScript library that was built by FaceBook and known as React.

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Essential Things to Consider While Developing React Native Apps

React Native development will be the most reliable choice as it is best for cross-platform mobile app development. These are the things we need to consider while developing a react native app.

  • 1. Determine the Purpose of Developing React Native Apps

    React Native comes among the leading frameworks for the development of cross-platform mobile apps, with or without framework. Our react native app developer is used for building a multi-platform mobile application by publishing the app on all platforms or by WebView.

  • 2. Have Expo-Kit When Required

    Expo-Kit is one of the best open-source React Native toolchains, although it is free but comes with some limitations too. We don't support any third-party packages with traditional native modules, although we can use expo-kit for a quick playground for creating a new app.

  • 3. Select the Suitable Navigation Library

    The Native navigations and JavaScript navigators are two kinds of navigation libraries. React Native developers find the JavaScript navigators easier than native navigators to set up for performance.

  • 4. Styling in React Native

    It works almost like CSS but it doesn’t have cascade and offers limited properties and inheritance that are not supported as well. However, each aspect in React native is flex and both styles and interface can be fixed on a single page.

  • 5. Scaling Your App Across Multiple Screen Sizes and Devices

    For targeting multiple devices and screen sizes, react native development services provide 2 options- either having multiple UX/UI based upon screen sizes or selecting the same size of all screens. For identification of screen sizes, dimensions API or React Native responsive UI can be used.

  • 6. Animations

    React Native is still working on the part of the animation, so testing the animation before use as emulators doesn't offer accurate feedback leaves you in the middle. NativeDriver can be used for better performance in this.

  • 7. Performance

    React native helps us to work in short development cycles and complete the project in limited time. It doesn’t take time in loading and includes features like speeding up the bundling procedure and seeing every change on the emulator in no time.

  • 8. Apply CSS in JS Wrapper Library

    React Native only offers to apply the CSS written in JavaScript but if you want to improve the CSS and want JSX to look more semantic, then create writing code and methods as pure JavaScript in react native application development and it will be great to use the styled-components library.

  • 9. Transform the Web Project into Mobile Simply

    The topmost benefit of using react native is the reusability of intensive code. In this, a launch can be updated simultaneously for 2 platforms. It helps to detect the bugs very easily and any person can understand it simply. Also, it boosts the flexibility and productivity of the team.

  • 10. Our Emerging Features of React Native

    Our React Native App Development features are coordinated with complete security and confidentiality. We emphasize on developing the result-driven React Native apps which can help you to remain ahead in the market.

  • 11. Reaction and Duets

    This app lets you appear on another person’s screen, be it, anyone, your friend, or any celebrity. This feature is becoming very popular nowadays.

  • 12. Sharing Option

    There is no use of the app if you have something good to show the people that can’t be shared. That’s why there is the option of sharing videos on various social platforms.

Our Emerging Features of React Native

Our React Native App Development features are coordinated with complete security and confidentiality. We emphasize on developing the result-driven React Native apps which can help you to remain ahead in the market.


Controls and native modules increase performance and it employs aspects of react native development and its API for android and iOS both for enhancing the direct rendering.

Time Efficiency

React Native uses Hot reload for visualizing the changes that are made in the code and it allows developers to see the changes and make the app development faster.

Increasing Community

It has a huge support community that helps positively for the framework enhancement. It also permits learning by forums and from other learning aspects that are available online.

Stable and Reliable Apps

It applies data binding to guarantee app reliability and stability. It is applied to make sure the changes made on small aspects that don’t have an impact on the big data aspects.

Decreased Cost of Development

In React Native, developers only use one code for different platforms, thus it saves the cost of development by a huge percentage and it also decreases the number of hired employees needed that saves the labor cost.

Permit for Changes

In this, React Native developers can alter any object and can apply the modifications as per that, so intended aspects will be upgraded.

What Are Some Famous Apps That Have Been Built by Using React Native?

These are popular apps made by using React Native-

What Are Some Famous Apps That Have Been Built by Using React Native?

Top Reasons to choose React Native

For react native development, there are numerous benefits to choosing react native services . BR Softech can help you with a wide range of services that can garner maximum user validation for better products.

  • Blazing Fast Performance and Speed

    React Native uses GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in the processing environment which allows it to deliver speedy results and robust performance.

  • Reusable Code

    React native app creation is component-based and allows you to create web applications and native iOS / Android apps with greater ease of reuse and redeployment of codes.

  • Rapid Development

    Support for third-party plugins and the vast reaction feature library improve the device development process.

  • Live Reload

    React Native comes with a Live Reload feature that allows you to see the latest changes right after they are made.

  • Open Source

    React Native is an open source platform which leads to lower development costs when compared to the approach to native development

  • Great Developer Tools

    React Native comes with tools and consoles that allow you to perform functions without lags and latency easily and effectively.

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Tools we are using for React Native Development

These react-native tools play a crucial role in accelerating the development of the application. BR Softech use the best react native tool that can easily accelerate your business growth-

  • Atom

    It is also an open and free source text editor referred for hacking and straightforward approach. Also, it supports Windows, Linux, and MAC. It was deployed by FaceBook in February 2014. React Native developers use it as it contains services like- cross-platform editing, integrated package manager, custom design, multi-file navigation in a single window, and themes.

  • Redux

    The main reason for the popularity of Redux is that it offers real-time code editing. Also, it is possible to create applications running in various environments like native platforms and front-end areas.

  • Expo

    It is an open-source toolkit that is used for React Native developers as it provides resources like slack community, documentation, and community forums. And, it has native components, native APIs for Android and iOS and an expo SDK library.

  • Visual Studio Code

    It was launched by Microsoft and an open-source native react source editor it is. It supports TypeScript, JavaScript, and NodeJS. It is compatible with all the platforms like LINUX, Mac, and Windows.

  • Flow

    This native react programming tool offers static typing and was launched by FaceBook in November 2014. It is reliable, fast, and simple coding. The programmer gets real-time comments, ease of integration, and customized JavaScript.

  • Nuclide

    It is a free and open-source react-native tool that is known as a single package on the top of the atom. This was created and launched by FaceBook in 2015 that involves various services like remote development, JavaScript, internal debugging, hacker development, technical support, workgroup, and many tasks.

Why Select BR Softech for React Native App Development?

BR Softech has been in the field of programming and app development for many years. We hire react native developers with rich-experience and high-knowledge so that they can provide quality services to our clients. We make sure that we provide high-level services to the customers by keeping the current trends and situations of the market in mind. Our developers also try to satisfy them fully by giving them good customer support whenever they are having a problem. Here are some of the features that make us stand apart from the crowd.

  • 1. Impressive Features

    Get a variety of Android and iOS apps with our team of experts and experience the stunning features with a highly polished interface using online live class portal Software.

  • 2. 24x7 Technical Support

    Get your problems instant solution with our 24x7 technical support. We use the latest technologies to help you serve with the best solution.

  • 3. Expert Programmers

    We have a team of experts of developers holding years of rich experience. Their hard work brings best in class services to life.

  • 4. Smart Solutions

    We as a skilled developer strive to provide smart service solutions at the time of cutting edge technology. Our cost-effective solutions help in saving time and effort.

  • 5. Seamless Communication

    We promote transparent communication to give users a more significant experience and aim to provide more personalized services.

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