TAs a professional cryptocurrency exchange development company, BR Softech takes the lead by offering a high-performance white label cryptocurrency exchange platform with top-notch security.

Our Whitelabel crypto exchange solutions can be customized easily to meet the client’s requirements and the solutions can be launched instantly in the market. A remarkable user interface is accompanied by industry-leading features and institutional-grade security. Our white label crypto exchange offers support for all major digital currencies including Bitcoin, Etherum, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tron, and so on.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

At BR Softech, we provide a range of cryptocurrency exchange development services reinforced with brilliant UI/UX, industry-leading features, and high-security standards. The cryptocurrency development services offered by our team are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and generate millions of dollars of revenue for our clients. Our full-size crypto exchange development services are engineered to offer support for over 1000+ cryptocurrencies.

Here are the wide arena crypto exchange development services we offer.

  • Centralized exchange development
  • Decentralized exchange development
  • Hybrid exchange development
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange app
  • Cryptocurrency exchange software
  • Cryptocurrency exchange web app
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) integration
  • Cryptocurrency enabled payment gateway
  • One page exchange
  • Cryptocurrency clone exchange
  • Security token exchange
  • Derivatives exchange platform
  • Cryptocurrency exchange algo trading
  • OTC exchange
  • Escrow exchange
  • Trading tools development
  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration

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Crypto Exchange Software Solutions

With our scalable, secure, convenient, and user-friendly crypto exchange software solutions, you can start your fully customized cryptocurrency business instantly. All our solutions are secured with 100% robust coding and come with the promise of industry-leading features and timely updates. We perform rigorous testing on our cryptocurrency exchange scripts to assure the deployment of proven and tested solutions to our clients.

Let’s see what kind of cryptocurrency exchange software solutions we offer at BR Softech.

Cryptocurrency exchange clone script

Customizable white-label crypto exchange software/app/website

White-labeled OTC platform

Hire the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Developer

Backed by unparalleled experience and in-depth market understanding, our best cryptocurrency exchange developers are offering extremely reliable and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange development services. Whether it's centralized, decentralized, or hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development, our developers are ready to help you reach your business goals at an affordable cost. We put sufficient time into writing secure code, adhering to your security requirements. Hire cryptocurrency exchange developers who believe in diving into the best development approach to helping our clients become crypto entrepreneurs with substantial amounts of profit.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Solution

We affirm that a crypto exchange solution is more than just technology. A crypto exchange solution encompasses all the different aspects that make up a cryptocurrency business. The following are some of the prominent components of the crypto exchange software development solutions we offer.

  • Legal Compliance

    Ownership and regulations

    Comply with the AML & CFT obligations

    Compliance with sales & security laws

    Policies, terms, and conditions

  • Liquidity

    In-depth marketing

    Fast trade executions

    Stable & reliable client data feed

    Robust & automated reporting system

  • Services

    Configuration of trading & service fee

    Platform analytics

    Technical maintenance

    24/7 client support

  • Finance

    Withdrawal and deposit

    Risk control

    Enterprise wallet management

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

  • Technology

    Payment gateway integration

    API layer for integration with third-party services

    Autopilot trading

    Exchange wallet

  • Robust Security

    Multi-signature wallet

    Cold storage

    2-factor authorization

    Action logging & access management

Our Crypto Exchange Development Process

Here is how our best crypto exchange developers will convert your cryptocurrency exchange development idea into a million-dollar reality.


Our software development team brainstorms ideas with our clients to determine their business goals and come up with ways to take care of those needs. Client satisfaction remains our top priority. We keep our clients well-informed about the challenges and what strategies we are going to opt for to solve these challenges.


The actual process of crypto exchange software development begins with front-end development. Having broad industry experience, we create easy-to-use crypto exchange software designs.


Best crypto exchange developers at BR Softech follow the best development methodology to create the fast, secure, and fully functional cryptocurrency exchange development platform.

Deployment & Testing

A quality analyst performs rigorous testing to ensure that crypto exchange development meets the expectations of the client. Following the testing phase, the product is deployed to the client and ready to be launched.

Feature of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Being one of the most recognized cryptocurrency exchange development companies, we help our clients to develop cryptocurrency exchange platforms with their desired features.

Margin Trading
Powerful trade engine
High trading engine
KYC & AML capabilities
Crypto bot trading
Third-party API integration
Crypto staking
Advanced & Robust CMS panel
Multi-signature crypto wallet integration
Multi-currency pairing
Two-factor authentication
Trade chart & market data
Live trade chatbots
Encrypted data transmission

Our Crypto Exchange Software Panels

Client App Dashboard

  • View the current balance of all fiat and BTC currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies can be sent and received
  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • Withdraw and top-up balance
  • Displays crypto trends filtered by time period, e.g. last week, month, 3 months, etc.

Admin Panel

  • Admin dashboard shows buy-sell transactions, send-receive transactions, users, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of Crypto Exchange and other transactions filtered by time period.
  • A detailed look at the user's details and the status of their KYC.
  • An accurate record of each transaction, including the transaction ID, amount, date, and other details.
  • Fetch the details of the sender or receiver.

Order Book

  • Transactions pending admin authorization can be seen here.
  • Various cryptocurrency prices are displayed in certain instances.
  • A dashboard dedicated to displaying the node balance of the varied cryptocurrency.
  • A payment order book includes information about the sender & receiver such as name, phone number, email address, bank account information, and transaction status.
  • Detailed overview of the bid table including bid ID, amount, and quantity.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Its is peer to peer secure transaction method for example: once a user want to purchase some bitcoin with help of bank trasist then the transication process has done by OTP message or CVV number which are linked to bank or governance.

  • Relaibility

    The Pyament method is based on limited time transaction

  • Privacy

    The Source of CVV or OTP is secure by user and fetch with mobile or email. So no one person use this easily

  • Less Fees

    The payment gateway is so faster and less charges, which is deduct in account. For example:- 100 INR transiste charges on diff-diff payment source then charges is deduct plateform resource.

  • Availability

    The payment function availability menthod is simply by bank or Visa, Master card.

  • Security

    Payment secure is based on crypto system which has directly intract to payment gateway plateform and bank.

  • Open Source

    The payment gateway source plateform is open sources which are alway sync with any web broswer or application.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone

Develop a crypto exchange script with a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange clone development company. We employ skilled developers who have years of experience in designing & developing cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts for platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and so on.

Here is our list of leading crypto exchange clone scripts.

Binance clone script

Binance clone script

Coinbase clone script

Coinbase clone script

Wazirx clone script

Wazirx clone script

Remitano clone script

Remitano clone script

Localbitcoins clone script

Localbitcoins clone script

Paxful clone script

Paxful clone script

IDEX clone script

IDEX clone script

OKEX clone script

OKEX clone script

Coinspot clone script

Coinspot clone script

Bithumb clone script

Bithumb clone script

Bitstamp clone script

Bitstamp clone script

BitForex clone script

BitForex clone script

Kraken clone script

Kraken clone script

Game testing

Unocoin clone script

Zebpay clone script

Zebpay clone script

How to Start Cryptocurrency Exchange?

How to Start Bitcoin Exchange?

If the user wants to exchange cryptocurrency?? Well, the user has come to the right place. Give the account encrypted data or money data to the crypto exchanger platform after that the exchanger has given the information to the seller. As well as buyer information bases or need bases, the seller provides the bitcoin to the exchanger and exchanger has to provide the Bitcoin to buyer.All the processes are dependent on Bank account or money exchange bases.

Why Choose BR Softech for Crypto Exchange Software Development?

BR Softech is an eminent cryptocurrency software development company with a sheer focus on offering reliable and customizable crypto exchange development platforms. Let our high-caliber crypto exchange developers handle your business in an initiative-oriented and top-tier manner to bring admirable results.

Quick and low cost development

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

Secure Exchange

Quality Services

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Frequently Asked Question?

Q1. How to Start Cryptocurrency Exchange Software development?

Answer: The best way to make a strong foothold in cryptocurrency exchange software development is by hiring a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company like BR Softech that can help you build your software in the most appropriate manner.

Q2. How long does it take to develop exchange software?

Answer: Due to the complex nature of the exchange software, it is subject to take time between 6 months to 1 year to 2 years. As an estimate, this time could be shortened or expanded depending on the developer's expertise.

Q3. How much does it cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange service?

Answer: In order to launch and develop a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need at least $135,000. In addition to technology, hosting, some initial legal counsel, registration with the government, and initial advertising, fees are also incurred.

Q4. Do you also provide Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange development solutions?

Answer: At BR Softech, we also offer Whitelabel crypto exchange development services that will help you launch your business in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible.

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