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The world has changed into a tech world and in this technical era, the technology internet of things is playing a vital role. This advanced technology has introduced the smart initiatives for human beings which make the lives easier and faster.

IoT development services has redefined the home and have a powerful potential to increase the productivity at workplace. It has an ability to turn the work into the digital business and connect people on a platform from any corner of the world.

BR Softech is known as a leading IoT software development company, our motive is to change a way of living and operating the business, by transforming the place into smarter place. We offer you an unbeatable IoT solution to connect you with the new world and collaborates with both enterprises and start ups to improvise the operational business and enhance the user experience.

Why Should You Go for IoT App Development?

Why Should You Go for IoT App Development?

Strong reasons to invest in IoT solution and services

  • IoT allows devices to communicate among each other
  • Without human orders, machines can act according to situation as human.
  • IoT are able to monitor the working of the machines.
  • The internet of things technology saves time of humans.
  • This latest technology offers high quality of life and turn our lives into smarter and easier.
  • IoT helps in emergency situations.
  • In business, it reduces the operational cost.
  • In corporate lives, it improves productivity.
  • Improve workplace safety

Our IoT App Development Services Includes

With our experience team, we provide best and excellent Internet of Things app development services to turn your ideas into reality.

  • IoT App Development

    Our IoT App developers are well versed to provide the high functional IoT app to our clients according to their desire to invade your offices and homes.

  • IoT Consultancy

    BR Softech offers a professional IoT consultancy services by our IoT experts to execute the activities in a right way.

  • IoT Implementation & Support

    We offer high end support and IoT maintenance services to clients to operate the Iot devices properly.

  • Application Development for IoT Devices

    Our IoT programmers offers Internet of Things app development in such a way, that they can interconnect with the devices and act according to the user.

  • IoT Gateway Development

    IoT gateway is enabled to aggregate sensor data, it translates between sensor protocols before sending in onward.

  • Hi-end IoT Solution with Rich Architecture

    Our IoT experts brings the high rich features and performance to the market.

  • Connectivity with Wearable Devices

    Our IoT developers are well versed to connect with the wearable devices.

  • Backend & API Development

    BR Softech team offers a API development to connect with the different existing applications along with this, to secure the data and better facilities offered backend services .

  • App Security Consulting

    BR Softech team offers an security consulting service for the IoT devices to our clients.

  • Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

    We bring the voice enabled technology solutions which can work on the voice instructions.

  • Data Analytics

    BR Softech developers provides the analytics of the app data and offers you the service that how user are interested in your IoT solutions.

  • IoT Cloud Platform

    Cloud platform is a most preferable way for the entities to maintain the data and and we offer you a high functional cloud platform for the storage of your data.

Why Opt BR Softech as IoT App Development Company?

There are various reasons to choose us for your IoT solution and services

Why Opt BR Softech as IoT App Development Company?
  • 1. Experience IoT Team

    We have experienced IoT team who are well versed in their skills and has provided various IoT hardware to the clients, according to their desire.

  • 2. Support

    Our team is always available for 24*7 support and to sort out the queries of our customers. Clients can contact us from anywhere and at anytime.

  • 3. IoT Connectivity

    BR Softech main aim is to provide the appropriate connectivity with the hardware services to our users and we provide LTE, wireless, NFC, GSM Network, bluetooth, Ethernet etc.

  • 4. Latest IoT Technology

    Our team works on the latest internet of things technology and offer a solution on the trending modes such as Android, IoS and windows 10.

Industry Focused Internet of Things Development Services

BR Softech well versed technical experts provides the IoT Development Services with the latest technologies and tools for following industries.

  • Manufacturing :

    1) By introducing IoT in the manufacturer industry, it prevent wastage of energy.

    2) Saves human time.

    3) Save human being from the chemicals.

    4) Organised management.

    5) Enables remote equipment management.

    6) Increases productivity.

    7) Reduce cost.

  • Agriculture :

    IoT has sort out the several challenges of agricultural industry.

    1) In agriculture sector IoT improvise the productivity.

    2) Monitors crop fields with the helps of sensors (ight, humidity, temperature, soil moisture)

    3) Automate the irrigation system.

    4) Reduce wastage

  • Electronics :

    The internet of things reshaped the electronic industry

    1) Improved Asset Utilization

    2) Increase productivity of firms

    3) Upgradation of the existed appliances by including wireless chips within the sensors.

    4) Homes have turned into smart homes

  • Infrastructure

    1) Introduce smart lightning

    2) Drive economic growth

    3) Improve operation

    4) Enhance transportation system .

    5) Manage public assets

    6) Secure transport

    7) WIth IoT technology, it introduces the smart city.

  • Retail

    1) Deliver superior experience

    2) It shows the real time visibility.

    3) Bring automated warehouses.

    4) Reduce carriage delivery span.

    5) Improves fuel efficiency.

  • Food

    1) Improved food safety

    2) Transparent supply chain

    3) Increase transparency in food supply chain

    4) Tracking food chain

  • Logistics

    1) Transformation of the logistics supply chain to public transit.

    2) Enhance business in various ways

  • Hospitality

    1) Manages devices via remote

    2) Instant alert on failure of services.

    3) Food preparing monitoring.

    4) Increase connectivity.

    5) Increase engagement.

    6) IoT technology turn the hotels into staffless hotels.

    7) Marketing automation.

  • Smart-Home

    1) Introduce smart heating system, refrigerators, connected security with other devices.

    2) Alert alarm system

    3) Save time and energy

    4) Enabled to save resources

    5) Introduce smart speakers

  • Healthcare

    1) Introduce patient monitoring device

    2) Modern patient assistance

    3) Instant reports

    4) Tracking and alerts

    5) Data security

  • Wearable

    1) IoT wearable ensure advantages to the health status

    2) Improvise in personal safety

    3) Improve in health.

    4) People can track the fitness.

  • Security & Emergency

    1) Fire alarm

    2) Helps to connect to the various devices with internet to send alert in the serious vulnerabilities.

    3) Protect devices

    4) User can set time on the machines and it can work according to it.

  • Automobile & Transportation

    1) Management of warehouses

    2) Maintenance of vehicle.

    3) Traffic tracking.

    4) Connect Infrastructure.

  • Banking & Insurance

    1) IoT maintains the loan arrangement verification.

    2) Enabled auto loans .

    3) Manages insurance claim management.

    4) Maintain banking and insurance data.

    5) Send alert or important information via mail or SMS.

    6) Interlinked different industries with banks and turn lives simpler

Hire IoT App Developers for Your Project?

By hiring expert IoT app developers develop your own IoT solution

BR Softech offers you an opportunity to hire iot app developers for your iot application development services on hourly, full time or part time basis. Our IoT developers are well versed and experience and will bring the best outcome according to the market needs and your requirements.

Industry-leading Tech Stack

1) Data Analytics

  • Machine learning
  • Data Process and Analytics
  • Big Data

2) Connectivity between Devices

  • 4G LTE
  • Wireless
  • NFC
  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth
  • GSM Network
  • 2G/3G and SMS

3) Supported Protocols

  • HTTP
  • UDP
  • AMQP
  • MQTT
  • TCP
  • XMPP
  • Weave
  • CoAP
  • All jyon
  • SNMP

4) Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • Windows Azure
  • Google Drive
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Thing Worx

5) Driving Forces for IoT

  • Power Connectivity
  • Miniature Boards
  • User Application
  • Sensor
  • Cloud Sync

6) Web Services

  • SOAP services
  • Thing API
  • RestFul service
  • Sensor

7) Standards

  • Nest
  • HomeKit
  • Brillo
  • Thread
  • Weave
  • Alljoyn

8) Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Android
  • iOS

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In-depth working process of the IoT devices with hardware.

1. Internet of Things collects data according to their environment via Big data Machine Learning
2. The devices can be interconnect via cloud including Low Power Wifi Bluetooth Cellular Satellite Wireless technologies.
3. It connects directly to the internet.
4. Once the data interacts with the different platforms, so it start processing, in a simpler manner or sometimes it can be complex also.
5. The user gets alert via SMS or mail according to the preference.
6. Admin approves to the user
7. User can interact with each other
8. Live chat with the interesting one

Why to Choose BR Softech?

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On Time Project Delivery

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Nowadays human being is addicted to the services and there expectation is to keep get everything on by taping. internet of things applications is essential for our daily lives as well as it is imperative for hotels and airlines etc. If you are looking for IoT App Development Services then BR Softech is among the best iot development companies India, which offers iot healthcare solutions as well as iot devices security,internet of things security challenges. You dont have to search for the other iot application development company.


What is the Internet of Things?

IoT is seamlessly increasing, and provides reliable and accurate data in real-time basis, and strengthens decision making.

How does IoT Works

How an IoT system actually works.

  • Sensor
  • Connectivity
  • Data Processing
  • User Interface

What is the Key component of IoT

The three main components for developing an IoT application are:

  • Cloud: Data is obtained, distributed, processed, and stored.
  • Network: Work as a link between devices on IoT.
  • Things: Activities performed to achieve the desired outcomes.

What are the reasons to invest in IoT

Increase customer experience

  • Smart gadget
  • Reduce the cost incurred in manpower
  • Enhances the growth of industries


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