My 25+ year career in public speaking, writing, and private counseling has afforded me a wealth of experiences, with many falling squarely into the category of the exceptional and unexplained.  In order to honor the confidentiality of those who have come to me over the years, I often incorporate parallels I have found in pop culture.  There are loads of popular movies, TV shows, books, characters, songs and more, which provide relevance to the everyday discussions taking place everywhere, 24/7.  I often find it necessary to reach back into history and mythic lore to uncover the spirits that have endured to haunt us still to this day.  Check out:  Why I Write About The Paranormal.

Bub, Bea, LA, Hollywood, BLT, Sming-Pong

Bub, Bea, LA, Hollywood, BLT, Sming-Pong

Besides be a public speaker, private counselor, and writer, I’m married to the love of my life.  Together, we have 4 incredible kids.  I love my family & friends, being outside, hiking, running, traveling, grilling my famous burgers, reading & relaxing.  Someday, I’d love to climb Mount Everest (or at least, camp at it’s base a night or two like a real climber).  The Himalayas are incredible.  I’ve been in the foothills once, I seriously caught the bug!  Most of all, I’m enthusiastically curious, a seeker of authentic truth that transforms, and a fearless lover of all things beautiful.

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