Dirty Hands Filled With Diamonds


Increasing crime, corruption on every level, abject poverty and harsh brutality are the backdrop for a series on Amazon Prime that has recently sucked me in.  Though I like shows that center on intrigue, I usually don’t go for this type of program.  Why?  Because I have an acute sensitivity which cannot handle themes in TV shows and movies which highlight stories of grave injustice.  But because this show is set in a real city I’ve been to a few times, and because the characters and storyline are so real, rich and deep, I couldn’t resist being sucked in.

“Where you go is where you are.”

By season four, one of the main characters finally left the corrupt police force to become an inner city teacher.  He had become so sick of all the shady politics and needless violence, and genuinely wanted to do something that would make a real…

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