Sexy Profits

Last weekend in my quiet city of 37,000 people, a shocking sexual assault case made the headlines.  A man from a neighboring state met a local girl online, came to town, rented a hotel room and sexually assaulted her.  The crime was extra-ordinary for our quiet little town, but sadly not all that uncommon for cities and communities of all sizes.

500,000 Babies

Over 73% of abuse victims do not report the crime for at least a year.  Another 45% do not tell anyone for at least 5 years, while others never disclose.  Because of this, the actual rate of abuse in our society is difficult to tally accurately.  However, most researchers and professionals suggest over 20% of our population under the age of 18 have been molested.  This means that every year in the USA there childabusepreventionhandare over 500,000 babies born which will be sexually abused before they turn…

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