Formerly Homophobic

by LA Emrich

I confess, I used to be a homophobe.  However, not for the reasons you may presume.  I know, this needs a bit of explanation.  So, here goes.  My confession is raw and real.  The following isn’t easy to share, let alone recall from memory.

When I was a preteen I was molested by a church deacon.  When he molested me he told me that he liked boys because he was molested also when he was young.  He explained, that like him, I would grow up and molest boys too.  That’s what he told me when he had finished abusing me.

To make a long story short, the incident was dealt with, and afterwards out of concern for me, my parents chose to very quietly move on with life.  I suppose I understand where they were coming from at the time, managing the various external voices, but my…

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