Influenced By Angels (Part Two)

BE ADVISED – This post is conspiratorial in nature.  If you chose to read the controversial content below, your opinions will be requested.

They are here…

By the testament of various sacred texts in numerous cultures, angels have been here a very long time, and continue to be here, whether seen or unseen.  But, why are they here?  What are they trying to accomplish?  How do they determine who to interact with?  And, what are the reasons for why they are working to influence humanity?

Belteshazzar was a political and prophetic figure of antiquity highly revered by the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Medes, Persians, and the Hebrews.  He was chosen for his intellect to serve as an advisor to the Babylonian court, and eventually he was promoted to Chief Governor over the entire province of Babylon.  After the Persian conquest of Babylon, Belteshazzar served as the First President of three presidents ruling the vast Persian empire under the reign of Darius the Mede.

We are being watched…

In his high position next to world leaders, he became convinced angels were directly involved in the affairs of humanity.  He called them “Watchers” (ἐγρήγοροι – “those who are awake”).  Basically, he claimed they were watching him, and he was keeping a close eye on them too.  He reported that some of them were helping him, while other Watchers were opposing him.  Furthermore, he claimed their involvement was clearly influencing outcomes in the public arena.

Can you imagine this same story reset into today’s world?  Powerful angels talking to heads of state, forming alliances, backing candidates, bills, and agendas of their choosing, and then battling over the outcomes…  Pretty far out, right?

So, with this in mind, is it crazy to question why and to what affect the invisible has on the visible?  What do you think?

Someone is talking to someone…

Belteshazzar believed he was dealing with an order of angels that interacted with nations and world governments.  He also mathematically calculated the span of their influence, which extended beyond his lifetime, far into the future.  Belteshazzar believed that cosmic angelic wars were being waged in parallel to earthly conflicts.  Furthermore, he believed that his personal petitions were playing a big part in the strategies The Great Prince Michael (archangel) was personally engaged in.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

To be honest with you, I have never been one for conspiracy theories.  I have friends that really get into that sort of thing, but I’ve never been terribly interested.  However, I can’t help but wonder if there are unseen “powers” at work behind “the ruling powers” governing the world today?  I doubt it was common knowledge in Belteshazzar’s time that he was interacting with Watchers.  As a matter of fact, he felt he was commanded to seal up his writings, and leave it for a specific time in the future.  Does any of this have you thinking?

Influenced by Angels?

We would like to think that all angels are enlightened, goodwill ambassadors, and perhaps, this is largely the case.  However, ancient sacred texts speak of a darker side to some angels, such as the tales found in the books of Enoch.  Apparently, there are some “Watchers” who have aligned themselves against humanity and play an adversarial role.  Belteshazzar definitely believed this to be true.  And centuries later, John of Patmos saw the same thing happening in his apocalyptic revelation, going so far as to completely control some governments!  This gives greater meaning to the Bible’s “Thrones, Dominions, Rulers, and Authorities.”  I’ll share more of angel types and orders soon!

Until the next post, ask yourself:  Do Watchers of various orders, and angels in general, have a bigger voice in our lives than we know?  Do they whisper in our ears while we remain largely unaware of their influences?  And if not in our ears, then maybe in our leader’s ears?  This, for now, is but conjecture – something to consider and explore further.  So, stay tuned… More Coming Soon!

noah movie falling angels

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