Moment Of Death & NDE’s

Listen as authors L.A. Emrich & Fred Grewe chat about the moment of dying, what it physically feels like to be present as someone passes away, and NDE’s.

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With his writing, L.A. Emrich investigates the voice of pop culture as it intersects with spirituality, myth, and the paranormal.  As a hospice chaplain who has been bedside with over one thousand persons passing away, Fred Grewe writes about what the dying have taught him about living.  Want to know more?


What The Dying Have Taught Me About Living

Beyond The Rabbit Ears

Did you like the music in the audio/video?  Check out indie artist Josh Garrels.  He’s based out of Portland, Oregon.
Your going to love his musical artistry!


Photo:  Out of Body Experience by Marinshe

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