Christians Inspire Horror?

In my recent conversation with actor Bill Oberst Jr. we discussed the American Horror Film Genre and the Christian inspiration behind it.  Does that sound strange to you?  It did for me at first, but it didn’t take long to see the logic.

The roots of the horror tradition are steeped in the Christian ethos, dating back to gothic literature such as Dante’s Inferno, Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Stroker’s Dracula.  The biblical influences, themes, and messages are obvious, even for the casual reader.  And since the rise of what some refer to as “religious horror” in the early 1970s, nuns, priests, crucifixes, demons, apocalypse, holy water, exorcism, and the like are par for the course in the majority of dark themed films.  In short, it’s the Judeo-Christian societies that drive the entire horror genre.

What I personally find interesting is the fact that most horror films trumpet a conservative Christian viewpoint.  This is no less obvious than when watching The Exorcist and The Conjuring.

 Listen as I discuss this further with Bill Oberst Jr.

“The Face of Indie Horror”


If you found this interesting, check out L.A. Emrich’s


To watch the full 1931 blockbuster movie Frankenstein 

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