Hell’s Kitty & Jesus of Nazareth?

This Halloween season at the TLC Chinese Theatre, actors Bill Oberst Jr. and Doug Jones (who played the Silver Surfer in Spider Man) premiered an episode of Hell’s Kitty, a comedy horror web series based on true-life events.  Together, they played priests called upon to exorcise an evil spirit from a cat.  For non-cat lovers, the storyline is no stretch of the imagination.

Bill is a celebrated actor best known for his roles as an antagonist.  Early this year, the Season 9 episode of the CBS-TV series Criminal Minds, “Blood Relations,” featured Oberst guest starring with Adrienne Barbeau and Tobin Bell.  It was the evening’s most-watched television program on its April 2nd, 2014 premiere.  CBS later included Bill’s character in their list of Criminal Minds’ “14 Most Notorious Serial Killers” of all time. ”  The Independent Critic wrote of him:  “Is there anyone in the indie world who does the disintegrating mind better than Bill Oberst Jr.?”

I had the opportunity to talk with Bill on the eve of his Hell’s Kitty episode premier about his illustrious career, his spiritual journey, and the deep convictions behind the roles he chooses to play.

Knowing that Bill has recent experience driving demons from possessed cats, I led with a question concerning my very independent 14-year old black cat.  This audio picks up where our conversation turns to a discussion about Jesus’ teachings and what it’s like to have a face that allegedly could “kill and eat a soccer team!”

L.A. Emrich talks with actor Bill Oberst Jr.


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