An Oddball? I Don’t Think So!

Remember in the 1980s when actress Shirley MacLaine started openly talking about her paranormal interest?  Her book OUT ON A LIMB (1986) included topics such as the following:  channeling, spirit guides, reincarnation, UFOs, etc.  At the time, she seemed wacky, and late night comics garnered huge laughs at her expense.  But the latest research shows that her views were not so out of touch with societal interests after all.

You might be surprised to learn that the average American personally holds more than two paranormal beliefs.  Researchers state, “Statistically, those who report a paranormal belief are not the oddballs.”

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A 2005 Baylor Religion Survey found that women are twice as likely to believe in astrology, mediums, psychics, and the like, while men are more likely to believe in Bigfoot, UFOs, aliens, Atlantis, mermaids, and the varied mythical creature types.  The reason being is because women tend to want to improve themselves, while men largely want to hunt, capture, and prove it’s real.

The same survey also revealed that belief in the paranormal was more prevalent among the unmarried, and with increase in age and income it tended to noticeably decline.  Also, Democrats and Independents were significantly more interested in the supernatural than Republicans were.  Overall, the research seemed to suggest the obvious:  less conventional, non-traditional people were more likely to entertain otherworldly possibilities.

How about you?  Do you fall neatly into a category, or are you someone altogether different?  It’s ok if others think you are an oddball; your experiences and thoughts matter.  Make a difference by joining L.A. Emrich in the ongoing conversation.



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