Would You Buy A Haunted House?

Have you ever seen an eerie pale figure in the window or jerked awake because of a bump in the night?  Apparently, nearly a third of Americans have. According to Realtor.com’s Haunted Housing Report, 35 percent of respondents claim they have lived or are living in a haunted house.  Curious as to what the ten most haunted houses are in America?  The White House made the list.  Find out what the other nine are HERE.

Would you purchase a house rumored to be haunted?

HauntedHouse_InfographicHauntedHouse_Infographic-1 2

 The following excerpts are from the third chapter (UNEXPLAINED) in


 As an adult, have you ever talked with someone who shared a personal supernatural experience with you that you couldn’t refute? Or, were convinced their house was haunted by ghosts? Or, swore they had briefly encountered a loved one who had passed away? Have you ever talked to someone who had a near death experience (NDE), and was adamant about certain afterlife details? I have personally known many people with such experiences and more, not to mention Bigfoot sightings and UFO encounters. And, yes, they were all rational, trustworthy, honest people…

…in an age of open information, it seems horrifically strange that [in ages past] people were actually killed for exploring the unknown. Today, plenty of curious people suffer character assassination, but no one receives the grave sentence of death anymore. However, the threat of ridicule is enough to make it feel like one could lose his/her life. It’s a shame; everyone’s experiences are valuable. At the very least, shouldn’t it be safe enough to talk together and explore possible answers? Obviously, we don’t want to be tricked or fooled, but can’t we be free to…?

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 For those of you who’ve read the book and want to learn more about Giordano Bruno, CLICK HERE.

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