Hook Man!

In the first chapter of my book I share the well-known ghost story “The Hook Man.”  Campfire ghost stories are part of growing up, right?  At least they were for me.  Here’s a link to a number of childhood ghost stories you might find familiar:  Spooky Campfire Stories.

The following excerpt is from chapter one (Horror):

What made all those ghost stories so appealing for young and old alike?  Entertainment?  I’m sure that was a big part of it.  But, most of the time, after telling a few ghost stories around the fire someone would tell a “real” ghost story.  For years people have been claiming to have experienced and witnessed mysterious, unexplainable happenings.  You  don’t have to search through your childhood past to discover stories of strange phenomena.  Oftentimes, you can simply talk to a friend, family member, a neighbor across the street, or someone sitting next to you at church…

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